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How to win at online bingo


The truth? You can't. There's no doubt that many people do win in exactly the same way that many people will win decent amounts on the lottery or playing scratch cards. Our point here is that in all forms of gambling there is naturally a chance of winning big - though most gamblers don't. It is the many losers who end up paying for the very few big winners.


So do we just forget about bingo and put it aside as another of those "impossible to win" systems where you will eventually lose your shirt? No - not all all. Many people will play bingo simply for the fun of it and / or the social aspect (yes even online there is a social community you can get involved with!). And as a simple hobby where you only play with money you can afford to lose then this is fine.


But what if we are playing to win? Is this possible?


Lets look at two 'ways to win' which many players swear by.....


Firstly we have free bingo games which many - if not most - sites will offer. These can be a great way of playing for an absolutely minimal amount. Most sites will expect you to at least wager a little on certain games so as to qualify but even after this you can play for many hours for pennies sometimes.


Secondly there are the no deposit bingo sites. These are different from what we would class as simply free bingo because it is specific to when we first join a site. Many will offer free money to play with even when we have made no deposit whatsoever. Amounts vary from about £5 up to £20 (any more than this is extremely unusual).


What both of these have in common is that you can win real cash amounts for no outlay - literally free money! So what's the catch? Only that there will always be the terms and conditions to consider. You won't be able to just win your money and just walk away. You will always have to 're-invest' these winnings many times before you can withdraw. Which is again great if you are there for the fun of it and are happy to carry on playing without wanting / needing to withdraw your winnings.


So how can you win then????

Like this - you find sites which offer introductory bonuses. Don't bother with the likes of 'deposit £10 and play with £15'. You are looking for those sites which offer 400% + bonuses. We are working on the assumption that you will win back on average 80% of the amount you wager (which is what would be expected by the regulating authorities).

However .... still check the T&C of the site you sign up on. They all differ.

And ...... remember that this is just an average. You are more likely to win back £80 from £100 than you are to win 80p from £1. But things can still go wrong because it is only an average. You can still lose £1 per game for 200 games in a row ....... while a friend wins £10,000 on a 50p ticket. It happens!!!


So do give this a go if you fancy making some extra money - but remember that it wont work every time!!!!

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Is it possible to actually win when playing bingo online? Yes - definitely. Many people have won life changing amounts. In fact all the major bingo operators are regulated to ensure that there systems are fair and legitimate.

So how can you make sure that you are one of these big winners?

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